Pyramid Society

The Asil Club

Al Khamsa

The Arabian Horse Registry of America

Arabian Advocates

Arabian Jockey Club

American Endurance Ride Conference

Registry Arabian Center

International Arabian Horse Association

North American Riding for Handicapped

Horse Transporters

Kimberli Nelson Horse Transportation

Nation-Wide Horse Transporters

Bill Egbert Horse Transportation

Bob Hubbard Horse Transportation

Horsin' Around

On Line Shopping

Flex Hook

Horse Heaven

Equine Insurance

Beverly Smith Insurance Associates for online quotes!

Markel-Rhulen Underwriters & Brokers

Some Excellent Sites

The Horse Project

The Preservationist Pages

Upper Egypt

Arabian Explorations

Grove Hill Farm

Arlene Magid

Arabian Results

Kryo Kinetics

Horse Talk UK

Blue Chat


Dr. Strassers superb book on Founder

The Manual of Straight Egyptian Arabian Horses

Arabian Focus Magazine

Arabian Visions Magazine

Veterinary Resources

U.C. Davis Genetics Page

Arabian Horse Coat Color Guide

Washington State Univ. Veterinary College

University of Kentucky Vet. Science

The Horse - Vet Topics





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